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First Blog Post | Why I Have A Website

With over seven years now since I first thought up the idea for creating a personal website, it has now Finally Launched! It's now been exactly a year and a half since I began the creation of what you now see as my personal website. I began working on it back in October of 2012, and through many revisions, it's been quite awhile for me to finally get it finish and launch it, for many reasons.

The main reason I have delayed launching my personal website for years is. A few years back, I created my own Gaming Clan called the TMFD Clan meaning "The Mighty Fighting Disciples". With the creation of the TMFD Clan that's what really got me into web design, so that's when I created my first full website and really what I've been busy focusing on the past few years, updating and implementing new features on that website. If you're interested in it and or are a gamer and wanting to join the clan you can check it out here at: TMFDClan.com.

The other reason that I have taken some time to create a personal website is that I have also just been waiting for the Mac software I use to get more updated for more modern times and to have more options be added. And have also been waiting for developers to update their themes and plug-ins for more mobile compatibility and nicer looking themes as you can see from the theme I'm using on my website.

Why I Made A Personal Website

Some people have asked me and you might ask yourself why do you need or have a personal website. For me there are many reasons why, first off is I'm the type of person that loves to create things and show off what I've made. Another is for my clan members of the TMFD Clan to have a place to go to learn all about there leader of the clan or just anyone else. I also wanted to have a place to post photo galleries of events or places I go to to share with family or friends. But last and most important is, since I'm getting more into website creation and development I wanted a separate page on my personal website to let people request to have a website created for them to have another form of income and something to enjoy doing.

If you are also someone that has always wanted their own personal website please check out the Website Services page to request your own website.

So to finish up, I want to Thank You very much for visiting my personal website and making it to the end of this post, it means a lot to me that you took some time and cared to check out my personal website. Hope to catch you online soon to chat or play some games online. God Bless

BTW: Please leave me a comment on what you think of my personal website on how you like it and how it looks and functions.