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Website Updade 2.0

So first of all right off the bat you’ll notice a brand new look and color scheme to the entire website. The colors are a lot more tailored to what my favorite colors are, and now I am a lot more happier with the way it looks. You’ll also notice, every page name has been more simplified and shortened to give the menu a more cleaner look.

And of course also has a brand new layout with a menu going right across the top to easily get to any of the pages on the site, or of course has your traditional slide out menu with the hamburger button that makes it easy to also get to the menu on a mobile device.

On the Home page now instead of it showing my blog right away I wanted for new people coming to the site, to give everyone a quick summary of who I am, what I do, somethings that I’m interested in, and to show a new inspirational motto I created myself.

On the About page, I wanted to keep it pretty similar to the old layout but just adding a few new touches. Like showing a new photo, displaying my favorite quote to show in a more pronounced way, and even display a new personal logo I created for the site.

The Profiles page is mostly the same with just updated icons. And the message me page has just been renamed to Contact and is mostly the same.

But you’ll notice for the Photos page I now have a lot more photo galleries, and each gallery now has a more advanced way of displaying the photos and even options to download any photos you want, zoom in or even go fullscreen in a slideshow view. Additionally any new galleries add it into the future can be updated live in real time, so for example if I add an event like a live concert I was going to, I can add photos to a gallery straight from my phone that will show up within the gallery within seconds, pretty cool, right?!

One last page is you’ll notice the ‘Website Services’ page is missing. That’s actually for a really good reason, because it’s getting its own dedicated website. Soon I’ll have my own website services design site called “Divinus Designs” at DivinusDesigns.com where I’ll take website jobs for people to create beautiful looking sites for people. From their people will be able to give detailed descriptions of exactly what they need and they’re wanting for their own websites, with a lot more information than just the one ‘Website Services’ page had before.

That’s about all, hope everyone likes the update and has a better idea of all the hard work that I put into my site that I’ve been doing for the past few months. Keep an eye out on my social media on any new additions I make to the site in the future, such as new blog posts or photo galleries.